Camera module for dragonboard


Hello everyone,

Do you know if there is any off the shelf camera connector for dragonboard? Also I am using 3.10 based kernel supplied from brillo, and quite not sure if QCM has shipped ISP module drivers in that. I would ideally like to connect a CSI2 camera, and use the ISP for some image processing problems I am solving.

Believing that there are some QCM engineers in this forum and reading this message, I would request you to point me to document which can give more insights into the ISP.



This might be relevant: How to use a CSI camera


As discussed in above link, MIPI CSI Camera support is not yet available on Brillo.
Am therefore using USB webcam for now.


Which USB camera could I use?

Is there any OTS solution?


USB cameras work on the DragonBoard 410c and the Logitech 720p webcam has been tested on Android. There are several options for applications, such as Google Camera, available on the Google Play Store or other app stores.

Please see here for more information: