Camera module for Dragonbaord410C

Is this LI-AR0144-MIPI-85H ( can be used with Dragonbaord 410C? along with IPEX connector (


I and not sure that the Leopard imaging camera works with the AIStar adapter (the physical pinout is likely different). You will also need the AiStar mezzanine board, I suggest you start by buying a full AiStar kit

AiStar does say that their board works with an AR0144 camera module, but not necessarily the Leopard Imaging version. Hopefully someone from AiStar can clarify which AR0144 nodule works with the adapter.

In general almost every camera module has a custom and unique connector and pinout, even if the modules contain the same sensor die (AR0144 in this case) they don’t necessarily have the same mechanical connector and pinout. You need to buy adapters that match the camera module in question. Also every camera has a unique driver, although if you have two different camera modules with the same sensor die (example OV7251) the driver will be really close.