Camera MIPI on HiKey970

Is there anyone trying a MIPI camera on Hikey970 ?

I was trying a MIPI camera on HiKey960 but there is a lacking support on ISP specifications for UEFI so I’m stucked. But is there a better support for MIPI camera on 970 ?


I am also trying to bring up camera on Hikey 970 but i am struggling to make hardware changes as this board doesn’t have camera CSI pins out. If we want to connect CSI camera to 970 board, we need to get a 60 pins adapter and from that u need to get 15 pins out to connect a camera (like data, clock and control lines). I have ordered 60 pins adopter and waiting for delivery. I think sw side should be ok but still i need to understand it once i fix hardware issues.
In case if u have already connected CSI camera then please let me know how do u connected with 60 pins adopter.

I think board provider should have given proper or ready to use connector for camera as camera is one of the critical module in Infotainment features.

Hi Ramanna,

Did you got CSI camera up ?
I am also looking for the camera connector, can you please suggest it.
thanks in advance

Did someone managed to make a camera work on mipi or csi?

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