Camera latency issue in q410


I am working on camera interfaced on 410 based custom board on lollypop build. Camera is working fine.

I have to minimize the time of camera being opened from api “” till the camera is ready to takePicture. This time should be 200ms ideally. I am getting this time 500-600ms. How to minimize this time?

The call of opening “/dev/video1” is taking approx 160 milliseconds. While browsing the source i came to know in open call of /dev/video1, it sends one event to camera-daemon, and waits for the response. this time is around 150ms. How to reduce this time?

It is possible you will get a few hints via the forums but it sounds like you’re running a Qualcomm distro (Lollipop for Snapdragon 410) on custom hardware, normally that would make contacting Qualcomm technical support your best bet.

Ensure that you are running a release build & that you are not skipping any frames in the beginning. For the rest, Qualcomm support is your best bet.

Hi niravkhatri,

Can you please provide us details to integrate the ov13850 camera in Snap DragonBoard 410c based customized on lollypop?
we are not able to integrate the camera in the kernel space.
we have build our own CSI adapter for board.

thanks in advance,