Camera flash LED not working


Hi all,

I am working on Q410 based custom board and using android 5.1.1 OS. I am interfacing 2-lane MIPI CSI camera and it is working fine.

I am trying to interface camera flashlight(LED), along with camera. LED can be driven by two GPIOs of processor (one for torch mode, second for flash mode). The flashlight is working fine with the flashlight/torch applications and also in video mode. But when capturing pictures, camera application with flash mode always-on or auto-flash mode, the flashlight is not working. I also tried this with different camera applications.

In DTS file, I am using compatible property “camera-led-flash” and “qcom,leds-gpio-flash” for kernel drivers.

When debugging the issue, I found that the no IOCTL of HAL (file: “led_flash.c”) is being called in case of auto-flash or always-on mode. Also, I am not getting any error regarding this in logcat. While in video mode or with torch applications, the HAL IOCTLs are being called and flashlight functions as desired.

Is there any different HAL for the camera-flash?? If so, then where is it located and how can I use it ?

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or you need any more details regarding this issue.


Hi @devang-,

I am not quite sure this is the case here but I have heard that people are modifying the Camera App on the Android every time to poke HAL to enable feature like LED.

Would this help?