Camera driver

camera driver


Yes, Camera would be really nice. :slight_smile:

We all want the Camera working on 96Boards and other common request is the LCD.

We are making it available one by one and I really appreciate your patience.


Thank you for the reassurance. It is nice to know that work is being done to get the camera working. Do you know which CMOS image sensors will be supported. As well, is there any timeline. Most users are being patient, but would just like to know what the current status is, every once in a while. The Raspberry pi already has a OmniVision 5MP camera module out with fully functional drivers, as well as Sony IMX219 8MP module which was just released(drivers will be available next release of Raspbian). I am not saying that the Raspberry pi is the perfect platform or that it is ahead, but they are adapting quickly. From what it looks like they just released the Pi3, presumably in response to the lack of integrated wifi and processors ability, which competing platforms like DragonBoard 410c, did have. This seems like a good way to stay relevant. It would be nice to see a timeline is for CMOS image sensor support. As well provide a list of which sensors will be supported. This way it will show, that yes 96 boards platform will be relevant to projects that do need a camera and we are trying to adapt as quickly as possible. Thank you for your response ahead of time.