Buy a DragonBoard 820C

I want to buy one of these as soon as possible.
Please advise on how I can do this?
I am okay with Beta hardware.

DragonBoard 820c is not yet commercially available. I’d suggest you setup a web watcher on to be notified when that changes.

Hi Yile ku,
let me know your contact details to talk more in detail!

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Link is showing error 404.

Anybody manage to purchase one to use for development / testing?
We are looking to purchase some for R&D ASAP.


the link above is still dead

Right. DB820C is not yet available for purchase.

However I will try and find a better link to watch for news of the board.

Hi danielt,

Do you know when DB820c will be available for purchase?

All the news show that DB820c will be released in Q3 2017, it is right?


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Sorry… I’m afraid I haven’t got any inside knowledge to share on this subject.

any news regarding availability?

Only that posted in a different thread:

When can I buy dragonboard 820c in the market?

It is not yet available for sale.

when do you have plan to sell dragonboard-820c?

Sorry. I misread your original question as “Where” rather than “Where” (entirely my fault)! I’m afraid I don’t know when this board will be available to buy.