Building Project: Android Tablet

Hi i am kinda new about single board computer. i stumbled to this site with the new HiKey board, that i am looking to invest in. I was thinking a single board like this kinda spec would make a good tablet base android. But since its kinda new, there isn’t enough information to start a android device. I have a lot of questions that needs to be answered for me to continue and invest a lot of money. So here’s what i am gonna buy to start building this tablet:

  • An old LCD screen salvage from a dead HP laptop model N156B6 L0B

*A controller board that support N156B6 L0B (note this link might not work by the time you read this)

*Touch screen overlay + usb controller board (note link might no longer work by the time you read this),searchweb201644_2_79_78_77_82_80_62_81,searchweb201560_1

That’s all i am gonna buy at the moment. For the batteries to run the board and the LCD i am not quite sure.

I need to know the batteries that can run the board by itself.
I need to know if i can install the overlay touch screen software to the board itself.
I need to know if there is away to connect the LCD screen directly to the board.

If anybody can reply to this i am gladly show you my progress on this tablet development.


did you made any progress so far?
Does the screen works?
Did you bought any batteries?