Building Poplar system - Debian

I am building poplar system recovery media from source on my Debian vitual machine but getting some errors while building u-boot (cannot find -lgcc). Is it recommended to build on a ubuntu disto or can I carry on on my Debian?

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There should not be any specific distro needed to build u-boot (I’m not using ubuntu either… I build it on Fedora). Not being able to find libgcc.a is more likely an issue with your cross-toolchain. Where did your toolset come from?

I got it from Linaro releases (

Interesting… I’m also using Linaro toolchain (albeit a slightly older release). Can you put the build logs in a pastebin somewhere?

This is mentioned on Linaro page:
Host Requirements

Linaro officially supports the current and previous Ubuntu LTS releases (as of the time of this release). This does not mean that the toolchain will not work on other/older Linux distributions. See the following for the life-time of Ubuntu LTS releases.
So I used an ubuntu distro and it worked fine but i don’t know why it didn’t on my debian… anyway here is the pastebin log: u-boot.log -

Hello, I’m interested in this OS, I’m getting a bit of installation, I’m first looking for the U5pvr deluxe recovery instructions, Hisilicon Hi3798CV200!
Where can I find help and instructions?

@johnn64 The build/recovery instructions for the 96boards Poplar dev board are here: but it appears that the U5pvr deluxe is an actual STB product that most probably doesn’t share much similarities (in terms of builds and images) to the Poplar other than the SoC used, so I wouldn’t recommend using the instructions for Poplar due to the risk of bricking your STB. There seems to be recovery instructions online for the U5pvr (e.g. U5PVR: How to recover U5PVR Deluxe.), but note that this is NOT something we use and hence has no idea of any possible adverse effect!

Can you tell me what this device does and how to start with it, installation, dvb t2 …? Can I use a regular user?

You mean the Poplar board? You can get more info @ Poplar - 96Boards. How to start @ Again, this is just a dev board so don’t think any of the TV-related stuffs are there, at least not atm. Also root access atm but you should be able to create a user? Haven’t really tried.

The linaro rootfs used in should default to user linaro.