Building Linux Kernel (v 4.14) for the DragonBoard 820c

I’m trying to build the linux kernel from source, for the DragonBoard 820c.
I’ve been looking for the release branch that could best match the latest Debian snapshot (176), which was launched today (05-april-2018). This snapshot is based on kernel 4.14.

According to the documentation (link below), the release branch should be named like this :


However, there is no such branch in the Kernel.git.

Does anyone know which release branch matches the latest Debian snapshot ?

Maybe it is this one ?

On the previous snapshot (173), which is based on Kernel 4.11, I used the release branch release/db820c/qcomlt-4.11. This is consistent with the documentation, and I managed to flash the DragonBoard 820c with the generated Boot Image. The documentation also suggests integration-linux-qcomlt as a valid release branch. But I was not successful while using the latter.

Correct the branch is now release/qcomlt-4.14 (same as for DB410C):

git clone git:// -b release/qcomlt-4.14

Documentation will be updated.

thanks for the heads up… we merged the 820c kernel into the 4.14 release branch yesterday, and you’re right that the doc needed to be updated. I submitted this change for that

Thank you, everyone, for the support and feedback!