BT Connection on OE-RPB of Dragonboard 410c


I try to operate BT devices on the latest snapshots of OE-RPB of Dragonboard 410c,[link].

It can do scan and pair actions, but the connected action will be failed, as follows.

It is work on Debian-17.04 and rpb-16.09

Do you have any advice ?

Thank you

I don’t have experience with OE but it uses BlueZ so should be fairly similar to Debian.

To get a more detailed log you could run sudo btmon in a different window to see if that helps.

What are you trying to connect to?
What version on BlueZ are you using?

Hi barryb,

I try to connect to mobile phone via BlueZ 5.41

I get the information of btmon

Thanks for your help.

Is it the audio you are trying to connect?

It looks like you don’t have that profile supported.
If you invoke bluetoothctl on the command line and then do show I suspect that the a2dp profiles aren’t in the list where as on Debian they are.