Brillo on dragonboard 410c

Hi Everyone,

I try to build and flash Brillo to DragonBoard 410c but I can see anything.
Does DragonBoard has console port? or should I see the GUI after flash the Brillo?

Thank you

The console on the Drabonboard 410c is typically found on the LS connector. There are two serial ports here, LS-UART0 and LS-UART1, and for most images the console is found on LS-UART1. These UARTs use 1.8v TTL signalling so they typically require an adapter board of some kind. For convenience I’d recommend the 96Boards UART board ( ) which is cheap and easy to use.

Having said all of that I’m afraid I have not tried the Brillo image on Dragonboard 410c so I cannot 100% confirm that the console will be present on LS-UART1. However it is what I would expect because I have seen other Brillo devices that do have console (and also that no HDMI socket).

I’m also facing the same issue.
Currently i’m using “adb” commands with the help of OTG.

Also trying to find if there is a way to get the console for Brillo.

@Ashish @JFC

Please visit for further instructions. Please make sure you have requested an invite on the main Brillo page (, and have been granted access.

I hope this helps!

-Robert W.

Was anyone successful flashing the Board?
I’m stuck to get the board into the fastboot mode :frowning:

Is there maybe an Micro-SD-Card image to flash the board the same way like with and Android image?