Bricked RB5 after failed AOSP flashing

I’m trying to recover my RB5 board after a failed attempt at flashing AOSP 14 (board was running AOSP13), I’m following DragonBoard 845c Board Recovery - 96Boards

I’ve tried with dragonboard-845c-bootloader-ufs-aosp-90 (as per page) and dragonboard-845c-bootloader-ufs-aosp-45331 (latest build), in either case, qdl gives me:

sudo …/qdl --debug prog_firehose_ddr.elf rawprogram?.xml patch?.xml
Waiting for EDL device
HELLO version: 0x2 compatible: 0x1 max_len: 1024 mode: 0
READ64 image: 13 offset: 0x0 length: 0x40
READ64 image: 13 offset: 0x40 length: 0x428
READ64 image: 13 offset: 0x1000 length: 0x1000
READ64 image: 13 offset: 0x2000 length: 0xb88
$ echo $?

I cannot see anything on the debug port.

Would appreciate if anyone has some tips or advices.

Arghhhhh! I was using the wrong doc/binaries!

It is now working using


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