Bricked hikey board

hey guys, i’m having trouble with an hikey board i have.
it seems as the board is dead, it is not responding at all.

I’ve tried putting it in fastboot mode, and nothing, no recovery, leds don’t come on at all.

I had once a similar experience. I played around with the jumper settings and hit once jumper setting configuration which did not work. After using a different jumper settings configuration the board was again “alive”.

Have you checked your jumper settings configuration?

Yes, jumpers 1-2 are closed and 3-4 as well.

I hooked the board using the otg connector to my pc, powered it on but nothing showed up in dmesg.

All UART jumpers are open.

Jumpers closed 1-2, 3-4 is exactly the configuration which does not work from my experience. Have a look at the fastboot installtion instructions:

Jumpers closed 1-2, 5-6 and open 3-4 than you can work with fastboot. To run the OS on the board Jumpers closed 1-2 and open 3-4, 5-6.

tried 1-2,5-6 to get to fastboot, didn’t work.
tried 1-2 also doesn’t work.

lenovator support offered me to try using UART, but i still need a cable for it.

so i followed this guide:

and couldn’t get anything from the UART debug port.

the weird thing is that the prompt rectangle stops blinking the minute i power the board.

anyone had seen this ?