Bootloader Problem



After I flashed a prebuilt binary on the flash memory,
I can’t see below when I boot the hikey.

The default boot selection will start in 10 seconds
[1] fastboot
[2] boot from eMMC
[3] boot from SD card
[4] Shell
[5] Boot Manager

I want to know why it is skipped and how to restore it.



Good question I would be interested in the answer too. I flashed Debian RP 16.06 on my board.


I’m trying to reproduce on my board. Will update with progress.


@smc149 @jeeppler Sorry I think I misunderstood your question previously. So iiuc, you want to go into the boot menu during power up? To do that, connect pins 5-6 on J15 header and you’ll boot into fastboot mode. Once in it, press enter and you should see the boot menu. Let us know how it goes. HTH


NOTE: The header is J601 if you have a lemaker board. J15 is for the circuitco board.