Booting hikey970 without EMMC or UFS

I recently broke the EMMC chip on the hikey970. (yes, very stupid of me.)

To try to get the board to boot I used:

./ -d /dev/ttyUSB0 --img1 ./sec_usb_xloader.img --img2 ./sec_usb_xloader2.img --img3 ./l-loader.bin

On the serialport it gets as far as:

[MR BYPASS] 0x00000000
secdbg not DCU.
SecDbgVer exit

xloader chipid: 0x36701100, start: 26842ms.
Build Date: Mar 16 2018, 11:00:12
PLL Stat
PLL2 ctrl0[0x40231040]=0x04906404,ctrl1[0x40231044]=0x02000000
PLL2 acpu en_stat[0x40235008]:0x00000008, acpu gt_stat[0x40235468]0x00040000
PLL2 final reg[0x4023546c]:0x0037ffff, en_stat[0x4023546c]:0x00100000, final gt_stat[0x4023546c]:0x00020000
PLL3 ctrl0[0x40231048]=0x04903e04,ctrl1[0x40231048]=0x02800000
PLL3 acpu en_stat[0x40235008]=:0x08000000, acpu gt_stat[0x40235468]=:0x00100000
PLL3 final reg[0x4023546c]:0x0037ffff, en_stat[0x4023546c]:0x00200000, final gt_stat[0x4023546c]:0x00040000
PLL4 ctrl0[0x402310ec]=0x04a05d05,ctrl1[0x402310f0]=0x06c00000
PLL6 ctrl0[0x40231500]=0x00b03d04,ctrl1[0x40231504]=0x0270a3d7
PLL7 ctrl0[0x4023150c]=0x04905c05,ctrl1[0x40231510]=0x06d00000
stamp reg[0x40235128]:0x7e6337fe
a53hpm reg[0x402350d8]:0x000067e3
krin970 [clk_setup]
clk init
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:6 ret:-2 gear:3
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:5 ret:-2 gear:3
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:4 ret:-2 gear:3
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:3 ret:-2 gear:3
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:2 ret:-2 gear:2
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:1 ret:-2 gear:1
UfsHostInit -2
UfsRetry:0 ret:-2 gear:0
storage init err.
system_reset start

It appears that the UFS chip (not eMMC) has actually very few pins that are required.
Looking at the PCB there are some traces broken.

All the xloader binaries expect to see UFS storage, that chip is now unavailable.
So i am looking into getting a xloader binary that will allow the hikey970 to boot from either USB or SDcard.