Boot ROM protocol


Is there any documentation available regarding the Hi6220V100 boot ROM as well as the protocol being used by the script ?


There’s some mention about the boot ROM at the below url but not much. Anything specific you’re looking for?

The protocol being used by is private to the vendor hence not available.

First of all, thank you for your answer.

I bought the Hikey board for learning purpose, and was looking for information providing me with the same level of control of my Hikey board than the one I had experimented for example with the Beaglebone Black (AM3359) or the Macnica Helio (Cyclone V) boards for example.

From your answer, it seems that some parts of the code may always remain proprietary.
Is this the case for the bl1.bin file used for building the l-loader and fastboot1.img/fastboot2.img ?


You’re welcome! is only used for recovery so not really directly involved in the boot-up and running of the device.
bl1.bin is from the ARM Trusted Firmware (ARM-TF) repo. See
fastboot1.img/fastboot2.img is now obsolete. We’ve transitioned to using only ARM-TF, which is open source, for booting.

I went through the ARM-TF code on github, and now have a better idea of the device boot process, even though I was initially looking for information related to the Hi6220V100 processor boot process rather than to the Hikey SBC one.

By the way, do you now if there is any reference manual available for the Hi6220V100, whatever language it may be written in ?


Hi, I know your posts are old , but did you find any more info?
Let me know if you did!