Boot process of SnapDragon 410E


Hi everyone, I’m new in ARM world and I want to know some things about the processor snapdragon 410E used in dragonboard. The questions are:

  • If I buy a bare 410E, does it come with the ROM bootloader already installed?

  • If it doesn’t come, how can I wirte it to the IC?

  • Does adb/fastboot only works because of the eMMC bootloader or the ROM bootloader or it is made by the IC?

  • What is needed in order to make the right configuration in boot process, like initialize memory, bring up processors, setup registers…

Thanks in advance,
Lucas P.

  1. Yes it comes with bootloader and ROM (Android) pre installed
  2. The fastboot can work from sdcard or emmc depending what is being booted, you can boot from either of the storage devices
  3. In case you somehow end up corrupting the emmc you can always use the rescue sdcard image or flash using the sd card installer


Nice, so if I buy only the snapdragon 410E it will come with bootloader, right? And this bootloader loads another one, and then loads little kernel, right? And only little kernel’s source is available, or those bootloaders have in web too?