Board reboots after like 1 minute


I’m running code in BL1. But the board reboots after like 1 minute. I can’ t find any code in BL1 that indicates the use of the watchdog. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this

Please check if code [1] is helpful or not.


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It’s not the watchdog. It’ s not enabled at the moment. What can it be then ?

i just found out that for some reason the watchdog 0 (WD0) changes it’s counter from 0 to 1. some time after that it reboots.

Check the code linked by leo-yan

void bl2_platform_setup(void)
/* disable WDT0 */

WDT0 is probably started by the xloader (needs to be verified).

Yes WDT0 is stared before BL1 so you are probably right. I turned it off, now it’s working. Thanks