Board not functioning after flushing images for several times

I was working on flushing built images of source code downloaded from Code Aurora and I tried to flush different versions of the code, but since I was missing the software package, none of the versions worked on the board, all of them simply brings the board to a recovery screen and nothing seems to be reactive beyond that. I brought the board back to functioning mode several times by simply flashing the installer images (using both SD or from host PC) as directed in the user guide. But this time, when I tried to bring the board flushed with wrong images back to functioning state, it was unreachable via fastboot, so I followed the steps described in the user guide and tried to boot the board from a SD card that has rescue image stored. The board can be seen using fastboot when the SD is still inserted, but once we take it out, it is again no linger reachable via fastboot.
I tried to flush the correct images using the hostPC with the SD card inserted (to make the board detectable), but the board simply shows nothing when I connected to a screen after flashing .
I also tried to boot the board using the SD card with installer images (this method does not require fastboot mode), but the board still does not show anything on the screen.
Any ideas why this could happen? Is the board already broken?
Thank you very much!

Hi @yw348,

Do you mind trying the source of AOSP on our site bellow?

The RPB AOSP 16.03 is tested on DragonBoard 410c and should not have so much difficulty.

Hi @Akira,

Thanks for your reply. I think right now my first goal is to make the board booting up the android phone system as it did at the very beginning. So I assume if I just want to do that I don't really need to build any source code from scratch, instead I could use the official images (mentioned in the AndroidUserGuide_DRagonBoard.pdf) from this link 



Hi @yw348,

This is the link to reinstall the Android image to DragrongBoard 410c.

I hope your board boot successfully again.