Board doing nothing



I’ve a new X20 board, connected HDMI, keyboard, mouse and 12V/2.25A power supply. Set jumper to AUTO BOOT SET and USB HOST SET (HDMI SEL is off). No microSD card inserted. So far, everything according to the Getting Started guide.

But nothing is happening. There is no output from HDMI. No LEDs are flashing. Yet, the board is getting warm, so I think it is doing something.

Any ideas what could be the issue?



Please flash the android image to the board and cat the serial log.



Thanks for the reply! Stupid mistake, loose contacts in the power supply. But since it’s the first time I use the board, I couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Quick follow up question: is the latest Android build (16.10.) showing up as build number MRA58L (kernel v3.18.22+)? Or is this an older version, e.g., 16.09.?



Yes, you are right, the BUILD_ID is MRA58L.