Backup/Restore whole image

I have setup the 410c with older version of Linaro and done all the update/upgrade.
Now I want to switch between version for testing.

Is there a simple method to backup existing 401c full image onto SD card or USB-HDD ?

I own a similar device and I’m currently wondering about the possibility to create a backup of the emmc.

Even copying paper documents with a scanner is easy but …
So guys my head says no, not today.


Use mount to find out which block device you are running from (will be either /dev/mmcblk0 or /dev/mmcblk1).

Once you know where you are running from it should be easy to backup:

mount -t remount,ro /
dd if=/dev/mmcblkX of=/mnt/usb/db410c_backup.img bs=4096 status=progress

The remount,ro causes the rootfs to be remounted read-only which makes it less likely the backup will be corrupt.

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Many Thanks
I will try this
For smaler backups can i omit the unwritten memory.
Do you know the way ?

best regards

Depends on how good you are at filesystem wrangling! Personally I just tar for data only backup… but it requires a certain degree of experience to restore everything correctly (not to mention clear understanding of which bits need backing up and which bits don’t).

If you want to backup individual ext4 filesystems I think you can use e2image with the -a option too (although I have never tried it).

So you think it would not be so easy to create a * .img file that I can load over fastboot system rootfs ***. img back to the device ?