AXI Interrupt Controller won't enter handler

I can not get the AXI interrupt examples to enter the interrupt handler function. I’ve tried all the example code provided by Xilinx and exhausted all online resources I could think to query. Would anyone here be able to help me?

Using Vivado 2018.3. My setup is an AXI IIC device with it’s output interrupt connect to an AXI Interrupt controller. This IRQ output of this is fed into the PL_PS_IRQ0 port on the Ultrascale+ IP block.

The output of the AXI Interrupt Controller will change to a high and low state and was verified by measuring externally.

Testing the GIC interrupts and seem to be working correctly.

Which software are you running? AFAIU, AXI interrupt controller should generate an IRQ to one of the GIC lines… and should be described e.g. in a device-tree, then if this component is supported by an AXI interrupt controller driver, you should be able to request an IRQ via the standard OS method (e.g.