Avoid DHL express shipping to the Europe Union

If you are ordering parts from Arrow with shipping to EU, please, avoid DHL.
My second DB order with shipping to EU using DHL (it was an option for the “free” shipping when order confirmation) has become a headache. I have to hire custom broker by myself to make a customs clearance because DHL didn’t provide that kind of service for individuals, and the final cost of all the procedures will be bigger that DB itself… :frowning: it calls “Free express delivery door to door”
Two months ago I used FedEx for the same order anв everything went smoothly.

That’s rather a shame. I can’t remember how I had my DB410C shipped over. I recall delivery cost was ~£50 for two boards.

IIRC in the UK DHL usually ask me for money at my front door (before they give me the package).