Automatic time update on DragonBoard 410C

I’ve flashed linaro-developer OS in my dragonboard 410C with the help of the documentation and it is booting good. But I’m experiencing the problem in the time update.

I’ve setted the time using the following command timedatectl set-time "2019-06-26 10:57:00" which works perfectly fine. But when I reboot the system the time changes and the clock is running behind. Help me to fix this.

When your board is powered off, nothing keep track of time (counting)… One common solution is to associate a self powered RTC clock either external [1] or internal [2].

An other solution is to rely on NTP and retrieve time over network (connectd to WiFi), which is normally automatically done via systemd-timesyncd service, you can run systemd-timesyncd to get more information. You can then set your timezone e.g. timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Paris (list with timedatectl list-timezones). The board will synchronize after each reboot (if network is available).

[1] DragonBoard 410c with Real-time clock (RTC)
[2] How to enable RTC on Dragonboard 410c With Linaro 15.07?