Audio recording on QUAT MI2S interface

I have an external codec connected to QUAT MI2S interface, with only the recording path enabled in slave mode(410 is master, SDTI is grounded).
tinymix 'MultiMedia1 Mixer QUAT_MI2S_TX' 1

to enable the recording.
I can see data on the I2S bus, but the DSP buffer shows only 0(log below, printed 10 bytes).

“msm_pcm_capture_copy:fbytes = 0: size=0: xfer=2048
Sending next buffer to dsp
Returning from capture_copy… 0
6952.669931] pcm_irq_pos = 0
buf 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0”

Is any configuration missing ??

Hi @sdkumar00,

Would this post help?

We also would like to enable I2S capability in the future release.

Hello Akira,
In our case it was a setting on the external codec.
The link you posted is useful, but do note that the driver allows only Qualcomm codecs. You would need to make additional driver for another vendor.