Audio output problems on bubblegum96 with debian

I am installed SMPlayer and set audio output driver to alsa,but there is no sound with HDMI.

I inferred from all normal on bubblegum96 with Phoenix OS and Remix OS that hardware is OK and debian has problem.

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Hi Flowas,

Maybe you can try to fix this problem with alsa patch. You can download at!x0IQlIyQ!8Jpil2SLO4pSZibHlRMtaUBc3BMzgdL8tbVg5BCNfDs

After you have finished downloading, please use the following command.

$ tar -xf alsa.tar
$ cd alsa
$ sudo chmod a+x
$ sudo sh ./
$ sudo reboot

After Bubblegum reboot, try to test audio output again. The problem maybe fixed.

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Joe has beaten me to it but, just to let you know, there is the same workaround packaged in a different way posted on the bug tracker:

Thanks very much for reply,the sound output in my bubblegum96 is now works corretly.

There is a small episode that I can not login system when I prepared to solve this problem.
The detailed information is the following:
1,Plug in power to the Bubblegum96 board
2,There first shows an dialog with username and password input(Factory developer says that is lightdm)
3,When I input correct username and password,it always inform me that password is incorrected.
4,On the upper right corner is windows manager selection with options of “Default Xsession,LXDE,Linaro,OpenBox”
5,On another computer use ssh to login bubblegum96,it not shows incorrect password and all operation is normal.

Finally,I reinstall the debian system with sd card image,sound output in this version is works corretly.