ATF UEFI build guide



Sorry in advance for my english.

I’m looking for how build ATF and UEFI. There are some guides on this forum and some GitHub to how build ATF and UEFI. Anybody know which guide is right because there is opposing between post for exemple :

${UEFI_TOOLS_DIR}/ -b ${BUILD_OPTION} -a …/arm-trusted-firmware hikey960

Note : If I’m not wrong hikey960 isn’t a valid target for the

Please note, I don’t use uefi-tools building script. By default we
should use uefi-tools building script to build ARM-TF and UEFI; but
currently it’s broken. So I don’t use it .



Hi @bensup,

You can follow the instructions here for building ATF+UEFI for HiKey960.



Thanks @Mani i will try this.