Assistance with connecting Dragonboard 410c to Xbee series 1 module



I am trying to get the dragonboard410c which I have connected to a remote Xbee series 1 module to transmit the data on its GPIO pins through the remote Xbee to another local Xbee connected to my PC. Currently, I am running Linux on the dragonboard410c and I have two jumper cables connected from pins 5 and 7 on its low-speed expansion header to DIN and DOUT on the XBee, respectfully. Right now, I just need help figuring out how to access the UART pins 5 and 7 on Linux terminal and how to send data through them that can be received on the local Xbee connected to my PC.
The bellow image gives an idea of what I am trying to achieve:


The UART is exposed as /dev/ttyMSM1 on Linux,everything else is Linux generic. This also depends on UART/xbee protocol (binary, ascii, terminal-like?). AFAIK, xbee uses a kind of AT commands protocol. You should then be able to use a tool like minicom/microcom to access the UART from the dragonboard.


microcom --port /dev/ttyMSM1  --speed 9600


The DB410C uses 1v8 logic and I think the XBee use 3v3 logic doesn’t it? At best this won’t work, at worst it may have damaged the board. You’ll need a level shifter in there (audio-mezz is very good for this… and super cheap).


Yes, the Xbee uses a 3.3V logic. I will get the audio mezzanine board right away. Thank you.


Since, I am using the XCTU software as the interface for the xbee I want to be able to send data as regular strings, binary, char, and ascii. I will try using the minicom tool. Thank you.