Are there any phone SOCs with SVE/SVE2?

Are there any phone SOCs with SVE/SVE2 ?
I am testing Snapdragon Gen2(SAMSUNG Galaxy S23) for SVE/SVE2
And SVE isn’t there.
Any idea if there is Phone/SOC with SVE/SVE2 on the market?

As I expect that everything with ARMv9.0-A will have SVE :slight_smile:

That’s very odd.

I think SVE2 is technical speaking, optional, in Armv9.

However the default configurations for the Cortex-X3, -A715 and -A510 processors all include SVE2. The Kyro cores in Snapdragon 8 gen2 are supposed to be tuned versions of these!

I did ask neil armstrong with email also from linaro for snapdragon gen3 and NO answer from him

And there is also this Abel Vesa

So if you have some channels can you ask them plz.