ARCore on Hikey960?



Would it be possible to implement ARCore on the Hikey960 (with the neonkey mezzanine)? Is the challenge developing calibration for the ARcore & the neonkey, or is it “just” a matter of compiling ARCore for the Hikey960?

As an aside, I am a little at sea with how the build, etc. actually works (I know Python & C; dabbled with LFS / Gentoo) and would appreciate any pointers to guides / books that can walk me through HOW the parts of the Android OS fit together, interact, etc. I took a stab at reading the developer docs for android, but walked away completely disoriented.

Thank you!


Neonkey is already supported in AOSP. @ric96 used this for some simple
VR demos. However I’m not sure what, if anything, extra would need to be
done to exploit the sensors from ARCore.


arcore should work, just needs camera support


thanks @danielt! I’ve got the neonkey working on base android (sensorbox works!), so now it is “just” a matter of getting AR Core to work.

@ric96 Sahaj, off topic, but I really found your video on how to install / setup the board very very useful; so thank you for making that video!

For camera support, can I try with regular USB cameras (which are working on the board), or will I need to do something else?

In terms of installing AR Core, I know that it currently works only on compatible devices (for instance, doesn’t work on One Plus 5T, but does work on One Plus 5), and the Hikey960 board is not listed as a compatible device. So should I just install the ARCore services & see how it goes, or is there a way I can make the board “compatible” with AR core?

Again, thank you so much for your time! :slight_smile:

Like I mentioned before, I’m rather lost here, so not even sure if I’m asking the correct questions!