AOSP with GeChic 1503i in Portrait

I currently own a Gechic 1503i that I am trying to use as an in-dash display in a vehicle in portrait orientation. I bought another android based product to drive my project. After being unable to set the resolution and rotation properly (it was limited to landscape orientation or a cropped-portrait/still-landscape orientation). That board has been successfully re-purposed elsewhere. Which brings me to my question.

With all the issues I’m reading about black displays and screen issues, I am curious to know if it currently possible to run Android in 1080x1920 rotated 90* Clockwise AKA portrait-fullscreen. (thicker screen bezel on the right hand side)?

I’m just trying to dig up some info and make sure this will work for my application before I buy one.

It would also be great to be able to switch easily between rotations and resolutions, but even if I could get it stuck as i described above would work fantastic. Any input?

I’m pretty sure rotation can work… if only because I remember getting my Hikey960 stuck in portrait mode when I opening a portrait-only program (I eventually found a landscape -only media play to get it the right way up again). However I’m not sure how to set all this up programatically (I assume you want to configure the display so it uses cropped-landscape/portrait if an application forces an orientation).

Regarding the black screen issues with some displays on hikey960. This is caused because the pixel clock (which is designed for LCD panels rather than HDMI) cannot be configured at exactly the right rate, resulting in a slightly unusual video mode (58Hz rather than 60Hz). This video mode is fine for DVI-D (computer monitor) systems but doesn’t strictly conform for HDMI (TV) systems resulting in the TV “muting” the video because it thinks it is corrupt.

Unfortunately that makes predicting compatibility difficult because the distinction between multi-sync computer monitors and multiple-choice-fixed-sync TV displays is blurring a little (mostly for computer monitors that want to receive audio data).

About orientation:

The proper way would be to change the ‘natural’ orientation, however I don’t know how to do this on hikey-960 (HDMI is considered as remote display). An other way to accomplish this is via some persistent properties:

Main display:
$ setprop persist.demo.hdmirotation portrait
Remote display (HDMI):
$ setprop persist.demo.remoterotation portrait
Lock orientation:
$ setprop persist.demo.rotationlock 1

Then reboot…

cf: frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/policy/

Cool! I’m glad to hear it. I will put one on order.
Then I’ll report back here once I’ve tried what you have suggested.
Thank you