AOSP support on DB845c board

Hi Team,
I would like to port AOSP on DB845c board. Does this board support AOSP. From the link below, OS supported was mentioned as LE. If it support AOSP, where can I get source code and build procedures.
Also can you please let me know about expansion header to connect external SPI device so that i can access it from Linux kernel.

Noufal P


we need to update this documentation… It is not correct that only “LE” is supported.

  1. “LE” is the Linux ‘distro’ provided/supported by Thundersoft (the board vendor). It is a ‘port’ of Qualcomm Android software onto “Linux”. They rebuild Linux images reusing the kernel and user space from Qualcomm Android ‘products’. It is running the 4.9 ‘downstream’ kernel, and includes user space proprietary libraries/blobs
  2. Linaro provides Linux reference builds based on either Debian or OpenEmbedded/Yocto. In this build, we tend to use an upstream’ish Linux kernel. e.g. the kernel is regularly upgraded to a recent version. The current release kernel is based on 5.4 LTS, and we will likely upgrade to 5.7 soon. The user space is vanilla Linux, unnmodified, without any proprietary user space. The GPU driver is based on Mesa freedreno
  3. DB845c is now an official reference platform for the AOSP project, see This work was recently enabled and more technical details can be found here: The kernel and user space are based on #2 from above (e.g. upstream kernel and vanilla user space), but ported to AOSP.


Thanks you for your reply. That means i can download the AOSP source code from the mentioned link and port it.
We would like to use kernel 4.14 along with the AOSP.
Also we would like to connect an external SPI device to the board through LS1. Does this support through LS-1 header or is there any access restriction?

Noufal P

I am not sure what exactly you want to do with 4.14 kernel. That kernel version didn’t have any support for DB845c, so that means you have to redo the entire work. If you use a vendor kernel based on 4.14 , that probably implies you will need to redo a lot of the AOSP integration… AOSP will come with android-5.4 kernel.

Thank you Ndec.
That is clear.
How about accessing LS1 SPI from kernel? Is there any access restriction?

Noufal P

LS1 SPI should work and #2 and #3. It probably works with #1, but we are not testing Thundersoft releases.

Note that it was initially not working, and it was a ‘firmware’ issue, if you use the most recent ‘bootloader’ release, then it will work.

Hi Ndec,

Thank you.

Noufal P