AOSP snapshot for hikey

Hallo, i am a new owner of the hikey. I installed already debian and android. Android work well with the factory image, but i would like to use an actual snapshot. I followed these instructions:

and downloaded the files here:

The link for is broken, so i downloaden it here:

If i use the downloaded l-loader.bin, fastboot don’t recongnize the board. So i used l-loader.bin from here:

With this fastboot works … then i flashed the bootloader, kernel and filesystem how it is descripted in the documentation. The bootloader starts, but not the kernel … the green led is on and the boot process stops.

What can i do?

I got help at the irc-channel #96boards

The bootloader has to be the newest, i got the files from here:

With this files the aosp snapshot boots on my hikey.

Thank you

Glad to hear this… and thanks for the update.