AOSP on the 820C?

I see that there has been some action in the dragonboard AOSP repo pertaining to the 820. Can anybody tell me the status on it? I’d like to start working with an 820, but I don’t have one, and without some level of AOSP, it would be (at least for me) a paper weight.

AOSP on db820c is in a pretty decent state as of today. HDMI display and Audio out works (Freedreno), WiFi (STA, Hotspot) works, BT (HID, Audio, Tethering) works, USB gadget (ADB, MTP/PTP, Tethering) works, USB Host (HID, Ethernet) works, On-board Ethernet port works.

Project is still in development stage and here are the open bugs:
db410c/db820c: webview crash
db820c: qcomlt-4.14: random linux boot failures
And there are few known UHS Sdcard initialisation issues we are tracking at the moment.

You can download daily builds to smoke test it on db820c Last daily build being tested was build #102

AOSP build instructions for db820c are hosted at

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That is wonderful!
I’ll keep my eyes on the buy link and order a board when they come available again.

Thank you very much.

Hi @pundiramit
I’ve been getting to know the android device tree, and something has struck me as a bit strange. For the db820c, you are setting the audio mixer initially using a boot triggered service;

Would it not be a better approach to set the mixer as needed / on demand from within the audio HAL?

Yes we did discuss that. The current solution is not scalable, once we start enabling other mixer controls. But since we only have one mixer control to play with, we went with this simple enough approach instead of hardcoding the mixer control in the Audio HAL itself

Ideally it should be handled more gracefully either by parsing relevant mixer_paths.xml file containing mixer controls (like AOSP does for other supported devices) or we enable the controls by default in the relevant kernel driver itself, like we do for Hikeys.

And finally this is an open project and we would welcome patches/fixes :slight_smile:

You’ll have to wait for me to actually get one before I start contributing. No stock :frowning: