AOSP build that includes OP-TEE for the hikey960



I am trying to build AOSP that includes OP-TEE for the hikey960 board. I have already build and flash AOSP on hikey960 from Now, I am looking for something like to flash OP-TEE on hikey960. Is there any guidelines on how to build and flash the OP-TEE on hikey960?



sorry but op-tee support for hikey960 aosp build is not available yet
this task has been backlogged due to other higher priority tasks and doesn’t have an eta yet


Hi @vchong,

Could you please suggest one or two boards with hardware decoding support and has OP-TEE with AOSP build available.


@rabindranath-derebac I don’t know much about the hw decoding stuffs, but you can check out the TI X15 board ( which is relatively more expensive (~$1500), or the Hisilicon Poplar board ( but whose OP-TEE support is currently in progress.