[Announcement] Xenomai on HiKey

While this is still work in progress (we havent merged the aarch64 support into our Xenomai trees yet) we are happy to announce an early release of Xenomai for the HiKey board based on kernel release tag 15.06 and snapshot 345

For the time being, you can pull the ipipe patched kernel and xenomai from my work area.

Pleaes note that this kernel uses Hisilicon’s fastboot bootloader and not UEFI.

More information will follow.

Following my previous blog entry, I just wanted to share the availability of a Xenomai realtime gpiopwm driver capable of generating the required PWM signal to drive an analog servo motor. The commit also includes the corresponding validation test program.

The code was tested using the Hikey board and a Grove servo.

Notice that since the GPIOs off the Hikey LS are 1.8V you will need a voltage level translator to control the ~5V servo.

IPIPE enabled kernel tree available for hikey release 15.11.