Android with working native Camera module?



I stumbled upon here after failing to try to get camera module to work on raspberry pi running android. It doesn’t seem to be an easy task, however the specifications for the DragonBoard includes android and camera support.

Is there a camera component (MIPI CSI) that will allow for an android to recognize it as native back-facing camera? I have an application that I want to run on android that requires the native camera.

Any kind of tips or suggestions would be amazing :slight_smile:

thank you


Hi @legoson,

The MIPI-CSI camera for 96Boards are one of the most strongly and frequently requested items.
It requires camera connector on Mezzanine through HS connector, and requires driver support from the both SoC vendors and Camera vendors.

We are having discussions, lets wait. :slight_smile:


Hi @Akira, I want to do something similar than @Kenny.

I am working with a DragonBoard 410c and I want to interface it a camera, microphone, headphones and sensors (proximity, accelerometer, giroscope) and controll it with an app for Android. I am looking for references of those hardware that works in a native way with the Android 5.1.1 which runs in the board and the way to have access to their drivers respectively.

Any guide or advise will be helpfull for me.

Thank you in advance.