Android WiFi disabled on reboot


I am running Android snapshot 99 on my Dragonboard. I am able to connect to WiFi but after I reboot Android comes up with WiFi disabled. Is there a better version that works.


Hello, the version #99 is according to me the more stable version and has a few options working than others loose.
I resolve the problem on the version #99 on making a clean power OFF using the power button on the board (press a few seconds). Then answer the question of power OFF. Usually most of the time the next boot will keep the WiFi ON option.

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I tried what you suggested several times and WiFi always comes up turned off. When doing power off I saved to the default profile.

I notice that this build is dated May 2016. So looks like Android is not getting any software update. Also version is at 5.1.1 which is pretty old.


would it possible to share the logs ?