Android wear flashing on snapdragon 410c


I am trying to learn more about the snapdragon development board, i wanted to know if it is possible to flash Android wear onto the board? i have a plan for a wearable device and i think the android wear os will reduce my work considerably

Any information will be really helpful


I’m not aware of anyone providing Android Wear for the Dragonboard 410c. Android Wear does not currently have an Open Source release (Android Wear is not included in AOSP). Thus anyone wanting to compile Android Wear for this (or any other) board would first need to negotiate a licensing deal with Google in order to do so.

On Refs - platform/build - Git at Google

We can see lollipop wear release. So I was hoping that we can use Android wear on the 410c board.

I wanted to know is the processes of building the Os and flashing it onto the board the same as we would have done if we were doing for any Android OS or is it different?

Will the kernel that is supporting Android OS will also support Android wear?or is it a different version?

For Google services I am willing to talk to Google,i was hoping to at least get basic dev done before getting the permission. Mainly the notification service and other things

It is true that Google have made partial code releases for Android Wear to AOSP. Over time it looks like the scope of these has expanded from being just the GNU GPL licensed components to cover significantly more of the release. However right now there’s doesn’t seem to be any public posts that accept the sources to be complete.

As a concrete example, I cannot find the source code for any of the API in the 5.1.1_r1 release.

Okay, assuming that I get permission from Google to use their android wear OS and their services, is it possible for us to flash the OS on to the board with a kernel that was supporting Android OS, following the same steps as that for flashing Android OS? or is it different process?

Thanks for your responses, Thank you for the information.

Hard to answer authoritatively since I’ve never tried Android Wear… however what I have seen of wear in AOSP the roots of the two systems (Android phone/tablet and Android Wear) are very similar. I would expect them to be loaded in the same way.

IIRC many of the watches are built on Snapdragon 400 (which is really a phone chip) so there is likely to be lots of commonality.

Only thing I you might have to pay attention to are 32-bit versus 64-bit. DB410c has full 64-bit Android (including the proprietary libraries). You should also make sure to spend a bit of time researching whether it is OK to build Android Wear in 64-bit mode.

While there are Android Wear branches available in many of the AOSP repos, danielt is correct that the only open source parts are GPL licensed (such as Linux kernel). I do believe that most of the platform support is there however, so you may want to look at a system dump for a Wear device and pull some of the applications from it, as the launcher and other apps are not OSS.