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I’m planning to develop with my Dragonboard 410c, as a media center.
Do you know what are differences between the Android 5.1 version already installed, and Android TV ?
And what to do to bring Android TV interface to the dragonboard ?


You are probably looking for this;

and this;



From Mark Gregotski, Director, Linaro Home Group:

Android 5.1 contains the TV Input Framework ( and the Android TV Leanback support library ( and For information on building TV layouts see:

An Android TV Launcher is available in Google Play Store or you may try using an open source version:


Linaro Developer Technical Support (LDTS)


Hi adrien3d,
Could you successfully develop media centre on Dragon board 410C? I am trying to develop Android TV with Dragon board 410C. I installed the Live TV(Watch live- Mobi TV) from google play, but looks like it is not using the TIF. Please let me your suggestions/hints

Best Regards,


Hi Jorge,

I am looking to make use of DragonBoard and build a Android TV using Android M or N.
Can you give me the details of How to go about. If you can give me a step by step direction that would be very helpful.
I also Intend to use it like a Wifi Display. Any inputs would be appreciated.



Hi Vinay,

Good timing :slight_smile: please have a look at the link below (for the HiKey board)

I am not aware of any development having been validated on the db410c yet but you could perhaps take the above as a reference.


Hi Vinay & Jorge,

I have build and tested the Android TV on Dragon Board 410C. Its working fine.
Currently we are in the Validation phase. Very Soon I will upload the detailed steps and procedures.



Hi Sunitha,

Please share the procedure once you are done with the validation




You may send the procedures even before validation. If i come across issues will report the same.



Hi Vinay,
Please find the Procedure in the attached link below: