Android: Turn Bluetooth, Wifi on at boot?

Is there a way to make the device remember the state of Bluetooth and Wifi? Or just autoturn it on at boot on ANDROID.

Hi Rockeer

Last time I checked, the wifi settings are remembered across reboots.
What release are you using?

Hello. Thank you for your reply. How can I check the release? I flashed the image from this website around 2 weeks ago if that helps.

do you remember the link that you used?

if you have a console or can adb to the device you could check the kernel version/build time.
$ cat /proc/version

In you case, is the issue that every time that you reboot the board, the wifi settings are forgotten?

IIRC the MAC address is not flashed on the devices so there was a workaround for this issue that should have been delivered to the release.

Thank you so very much for the replies. Here is the link that I used. Android Download

And sadly I have just reinstalled everything on my pc and didn’t set up the adb yet. And yes, that is the issue.

I’m having the same problem. My 410c board doesn’t remember WiFi settings over reboots. I’m running 5.12. If I need to write a start-up script to start WiFi on boot that’s fine. Any pointers towards the simplest method would be very appreciated.

Currently stock android MM on nexus 5 unrooted and confirmed symthom with BT; nor Wifi which keep state accross reboots, but BT make my smartwatch almost useless when I forgot to re enable BT on phone when restarted.

You can add “svc wifi enable” at “/etc/” script.
This is working well on the last Android version. (img #128).
Be sure you wait at least 1 minute to see the WIFI turns ON.

For the previous version (img #99) you coud just POWER OFF Android rather pulling the plug.
You can POWER OFF by pressing several second the button POWER on the Dragonboard, this will ask for the Profile to use and next POWER UP it should start the WIFI.