Android Surface with Black Pixels


Got an Android P I flashed from Master branch of Google. Everything works correctly, except I have some black square pixels showing sometimes on Homepage on boot.
This bug has been reported to bugzilla I think. Do you know this bug, is there any solution ?


Hi @AhmedX6,

Could you point the bug ID for this issue? I search bug tracker system, but cannot find the bug info:

BTW, I tested with snapshot building on Hikey960: (please note 630 building seems is broken now), I don’t find black pixels. Could you confirm which building can reproduce the issue at your side?

He’s not really talking about pixels, he’s talking about the black squares.

I know there were some changes made to master branch a week or so ago and haven’t tested that. May be necessary to go back a few weeks if those changes fixed it.

Thanks for reminding, @doitright.

I tested with latest 4.9 kernel with UEFI booting, I don’t see the black squares, but before I did see the issue in bug 575 with mouse movement.

Another thing should mention is so far the latest 4.14 kernel doesn’t work for HDMI output on my Hikey960 board:

I’m currently on Kernel 4.9 too.

Sometimes the Android Surface has some black pixels… It more appears on boot… Then it goes away…
Is there any fix available on driver ?

@doitright will try with the last known manifest then.