Android support


Can you provide an ETA for android support?

Will we have access to android sources (AOSP style)?

Thank you

we’re currently sorting out a graphics driver problem (with the current kernel, most HDMI displays are completely garbled). Once that is fixed (hopefully later this week), it is ready for release.

Sources will definitely be released; essentially the tree consists of AOSP 5.0.2 + device directory for BoardConfig etc. + kernel + build system modifications to allow building the kernel as part of the OS build process instead of relying on prebuilt binaries. No big modifications required.

Thank you for the quick reply. It makes the board really interesting for me.

Will 96boards also release the binary blobs for proprietary AOSP stack components (like graphics),as part of the AOSP sources (in a manner similar to Google Nexus’s program)?

Regarding the kernel can we expect this chip to have global task scheduler feature enabled (ability to run all 8 cores at once in a big.LITTLE configuration)?

I am yet to checkout the board myself, but wanted to know if it has got 1GB of RAM or just 512MB? Browsing through the board spec I remember seeing 512MB and some mention about not enough RAM for android. Just wanted to clarify.

With only A53s I dont think it will run big.LITTLE configuration. Not sure though.



That sounds reasonable! :slight_smile: Thank you for your response!