Android: Qualcomm vs Linaro

Hi all. I’m a db410c newbie and I’m trying to build AOSP for db.
Now, I’ve found, which compiles OK, but doesn’t boot (I’ve already ordered a TTL to debug, but I don’t have it yet)
On the other hand, there is the Qualcomm version (from codeaurora) here: (board support package) but I’ve had some issues trying to build it. I have to do some research.

Anyway, my question for the experienced: Which one is the “official” or supported, or the one to go with?

Thank you!

AOSP would definitely be the way to go, and is the only thing that is really supported at all. The CAF Android is all the way back at version 5.1, so it is ancient unmaintained junk.

Current issues are most likely related to the recent step up to android 9. Be patient :slight_smile:

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@doitright has been characteristically blunt, and his answer is probably more helpful than mine might have been!

Yours is actually a difficult a question because it assumes the official release is the best supported. Right now only the Qualcomm version is officially released but AFAIK Qualcomm have no plans to release an updated version so it will stay on Marshmallow. As a result, and as @doitright says, many people are finding the unofficial version better suited to their needs.

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