Android on Poplar release

Hello All;

Linaro’s Project Aspen team would like to announce its initial Android drop to the community.
The AOSP based release includes support for:

  • Android O (android-8.0.0_r17) on a 4.9 based Kernel
  • USB2/USB3
  • Software & Hardware video decoding (4K, 1080p & 720p)
  • HDMI video
  • Audio via HDMI and audio line out interface
  • Ethernet
  • USB Mouse/Keyboard
  • U-Boot
  • IR/Remote Control
  • Flashing/debricking tools

The release contains source code, vendor binary blobs, tools and documentation necessary to build and install the software. Please note, we have recently consolidated our source repositories from GitHub/Linaro and we are now staging our active work under GitHub/96boards-poplar.

To get started review the Readme at

Other features we are working on and plan to roll out as they become available:

  • UEFI and OP-TEE integration for the AOSP
  • Wifi and BT support
  • Updates to Android 8.1
  • 64bit build

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please use this forum.

Glen Valante
Program Manager, Linaro Developer Services

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Nice! This should be interesting.