Android on Hikey960 + Grove Starter kit for 96 Boards



Hi! I have received a Hikey 960 board ( the Grove Starter kit for 96Boards( which includes a lot of sensors and the mezzanine board. I flashed the 960hikey with android and it works fine. My question is if somebody knows if it’s possible to access the sensors through android app, if there is some kind of library for the sensors. Or any possible method to get data from the sensors and use it after in an android app. I saw the Debian examples but i’m not interested in those. Please note that my host is the hikey 960 with android and I need data from the sensors connected to the mezzanine. Who doesn’t know the answer and never done something like this please don’t answer to my topic. You can save me time if you don’t ask stupid questions like “Why do you want to do this?”. (I have also read all the documentation about the baseboard and the mezzanine so don’t copy links with documentations) Thanks anticipated for those who know the real answer…just to be clear again library if there is any, if it is possible to access the sensors and if I need an intermediate board like arduino??? Thanks again