Android/Linux USB BOOT

Since win10 IoT use usb boot to download images, can Linaro provide a usb boot way for Android/Linux images for DragonBoard 410C? Recently, I encountered some problems to download images using sd boot/fastboot. And now my board can only run win10 IoT and cannot fallback to Android/Linux, since both the two ways (sd boot/fastboot) didn’t work.

Please have a look at this post to boot Linux using fastboot.

One you bring your system back to a functional release (I suggest using the SD card process upgrade), please follow the boot process indicated in the post above for usb boot.

I think the request was about flashing the board with USB instead of SD card. Right now for Linux/Android builds we do not release the files in the proper format so that they can be flash with USB. In theory the Windows USB flashing tool can be reused to flash anything, but since the tool is only available for Windows (Host) we never really investigated how to use it for Linux/Android builds.

The only options right now are SD card (full install or rescue image).