Android HIDL vector data size limit issue

Trying to send data from client to hidl service and below is the observation.
1.When data length less than 907 bytes successfull sent
2.When data length more than 908 bytes mHal (where mHal = Ixyz::getService()) its becoming null.

Any idea regarding this please let me know.
below is the piece of code mentioned the sequence.

void HalWrite(uint16_t data_len,uint8_t* p_data){
hidl_vec<uint8_t> data
data.setToExternal(p_data, data_len);

@Loic and @leo-yan kindly help if you know something on this.

@ric96 kindly help if you know something on this.

Have you tried this on the android emulator and can you confirm this issue is hikey specific, can’t tell from your description.

@ric96 Thanks for your reply.

Issue is in one of my code part due memory overflow it was corrupting HIDL hal instance so we were unable to access the HIDL interface api…