Android - Headless


I want to use Android on my board, but in a headless mode ( no HDMI ) so I can remotely control it. High level here are a few things I think I need input on:

  1. Remote access method - VNC? Something else like I tried, but it didn’t work ( it requires root ). VNC seems like the best option.

  2. Ability to setup system for apps that require root access.

  3. Ability to turn wifi on automatically ( with root, I am thinking an app can do it ).

I really would appreciate specific details, links to step by step directions if it exists. If someone can at least help me with #2, I can work on the rest and maybe share something back on here.


Does this previous post help?


Not really, it doesn’t explain steps for #2 and doesn’t address the other issues.


same issue with me,vnc connection done,click event not supporting when try to do it ,
so if any one know exp this how to do this, and also automatically turn on wifi